Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking

"I have had 2 tattoos done here and was very comfortable both times. Everyone was professional and the shop is kept very clean and well organized. I was so impressed with the way I was treated that I brought my own mother earlier this year to get tattooed for her birthday. My latest tattoo was done by CJ. She was very gentle and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. My design was simple and required very precise line work. It will look fantastic for years to come. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

Stephanie D. - 11/5/2015


"This is my second tattoo with Cj and I absolutely love her work she completely made me feel comfortable. I gave her my idea and she had full control over it I wanted her to do what she wanted and she did more then I could have imagined love love love my tattoos! Already thinking of what is next..."

Anita P. - 4/7/2015


"My boyfriend brought me here for an impromptu nose piercing since my old one closed up a long time ago. We haven't heard of this place, but I'm so glad we found it. The shop is so clean and nice, the staff is so sweet. We spent a little time looking at the art in the books and it's great! The girl who pierced my nose did it so quick and seamlessly that I hardly felt it. I COMPLETELY recommend coming in here and checking it out."

Mowgli J. - 4/1/2015


"Nice and very clean shop everyone was so friendly. Would have to say it's the best there is Bakersfield"

Yesenia C. 2/10/2015