Body Piercings


The ID's provided by the parent and the minor must have matching last names and addresses. If the minor’s
ID (which must have photo) does not have an address or if the last names do not match, the minor must have a
birthcertificate that indicates the accompanying parent's name. **In the case of a name change, please bring an
original social security card, divorce decree, or something showing the parent's original name. If you are the legal
guardian of the minor, you must provide court documents proving so. 

Meet Our Body Piercer

Hello all you beautiful creatures! 

My name is Melissa Alicia, and I’m the piercer here at Sykotic Ink.

I’ve been working at this location for about a year now, but I have a little over 5 years of experience in the industry.


I started in Ventura,Ca at an amazing studio. My life mentor, I like to call her,  saw that I was working myself into the ground at my other jobs and told me she would teach me the art of piercing to help me make extra money.

My journey has continued excitingly when I was recruited to pierce for Sykotic Ink. 

I want to not only just be a basic piercer but I want to greatly EXPAND my knowledge for body modifications. 

My goal is to become an expert of ALL types/ forms of body modifications and to be able to bring them to the town of Bakersfield,CA. To be as knowledgeable in this field, clean and professional.

I am deeply in love with the service I am able to provide all my clients/family/friends.

I’ve been getting pierced since I was 14, and I have been absolutely crazy about all sorts of body modifications from then on out. 

My love for body mods will only grow as will my knowledge, I strive to be the BEST.

Nothing brings me more joy than someone who lights up after I pierce them and they either want to hug me or take pictures with me.

Not only do I provide a clean, safe and sterile environment, but I make all my clients feel at home and at ease with what I’m doing. 

I am very upfront, understanding and thorough.

If you have any other questions you can reach me here at the studio! 

I can’t wait to here from you!