Interested In Joining Our Team?

We are currently looking for an artist to join our team Full-Time! We are NOT currently accepting apprenticeships at this time. We are extremely picky with who we hire, as we'd like to keep our team very tightly knit and loving to come to work. 

We are looking for someone who meets the following requirements:

  • 3 years+ Shop Experience
  • Steady Clientele
  • Blood bourne Pathogen trained
  • Great Customer Service
  • Team player 
  • Motivated
  • Positive Attitude
  • Clean attire & overall look
  • Able to work 5 days / week from OPEN to CLOSE

What We Provide

We provide everything you need except your machines, power supply, needles, tubes and ink. 

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Best Way For Us To Contact You
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Soonest Date Available To Work
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Are you currently Licensed & Registered to tattoo or pierce in Kern County? *
If not, that's something we can help you with, but we'd like to be aware ahead of time.
Our shop is Commision-based ONLY, is this ok with you? *
If not, you might as well discontinue this application
If we do decide to hire you, we'd like to make sure we have your size available in our Shop Crew T-shirts
Yes, we provide gloves.
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